Dental Filling Choices for You

December 18, 2015

If you have a fractured tooth, tooth decay or a chipped tooth, it may be time to look into restorative dental fillings to ring in 2016 with a healthier smile. Dental fillings restore damaged teeth so that you can bite and chew the way your teeth need to.

Amalgam Fillings A common dental restoration is amalgam fillings. These are made from a variety of metals including silver, copper, and mercury. They are strong but they are more visible as well. They are perhaps the most affordable of all fillings so patients find them a fitting choice.

Composite Resin Fillings These natural looking fillings are becoming more and more popular with patients. Made from glass, quartz and plastic, they are white and blend in with your own teeth. They are strong and don’t crack easily.

Gold Fillings Historically, gold fillings have been around the longest and are made from a combination of gold and copper material. They are a bit more costly than other dental fillings, and they stand out in your mouth, unlike composite fillings, but they are very durable and strong.

Depending where your tooth is in your mouth can also help you choose the right filling type. Many people have amalgam or gold fillings on their back teeth–where they are least visible and where the teeth do the most work of chewing food. Composite teeth are ideal for the more visible front teeth.

At Crossroads Dental your oral health is tops on our list. If you have concerns about the health of your teeth call our office at [phone] and we will help you find the best dental restoration for you!