How Does Sparkling Water Compare to Plain Water When It Comes to Tooth Enamel?

February 08, 2018

If you have made healthier resolutions this year, you might be replacing some of your harmful beverage habits–sugary sodas or sports drinks, but maybe find that drinking plain water isn’t quite as satisfying? An alternative to regular water has some people turning to sparkling water. Our [practice_name] team would like to take a look at how this carbonated beverage might impact your pearly whites.
Carbonated drinks have a higher acid level, and acid is proven to weaken precious tooth enamel, which how cavities get in.

Research says that drinking sparkling water is actually just fine for your teeth. For research purposes, the study used donated teeth that were already removed. The study was designed to test whether sparkling water would aggressively harm tooth enamel more than just normal lab water. The results? Both were rated similarly in their effects on the tooth enamel. What this means for you is that while sparkling water is indeed a little bit more acidic than regular water, it’s not harming your teeth.

So, when it comes to drinking sugary drinks, you are safer drinking sparkling water even though it is carbonated. We do recommend drinking lots of normal water which is fluoridated to protect your teeth. Fluoridated water helps fight cavities while clearing off leftover food debris which feeds cavity-causing bacteria. Healthy hydration also protects you from dry mouth, a condition that is bad for teeth and gums.

If you are opting for sparkling water with citrus additives this does increase the harmful acid levels. Drinking those with meals or all at once (versus sipping throughout the day) can help limit its harmful effects.

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