Preventing the Resulting Complications of a Loose Dental Crown

January 23, 2018

When we cement a dental crown to your abutment, we use a very strong dental adhesive that secures the tooth and offers your bite additional strength. Despite the firm hold of the cement, harmful happenstance such as a fall or a blow to the face can compromise the cement that holds the crown to the abutment, thereby loosening the dental crown. A loose dental crown should be treated by a dentist quickly to avoid dental complications in the tooth.

If your dental crown starts to shift on its abutment and feel loose, or if you feel pain when chewing, please contact [practice_name] immediately to schedule a dental exam. Delaying treatment for a loose dental crown puts you at great risk of experiencing serious dental health conditions.

If a visit to the dentist is not immediately possible, we encourage you to practice some home remedies for a loose dental crown to keep further issues at bay. First, avoid cleaning or wiggling the loosened crown so that even minute movements don’t create further damage to the abutment. You are welcome to use a lukewarm saltwater rinse for any blood or debris in your mouth caused by a blow to the face.

As long as the dental abutment remains in good shape, Dr. [doctor_name] may be able to simply re-cement the crown or provide a replacement, but damages to the abutment may result in the need for root canal treatment.

If you need treatment for a loose dental crown in [city], [state], call [phone] today and schedule an appointment at [practice_name] for professional care.