Dental Cleanings

Dr. Carol Halloran recommends that you come in for a teeth cleaning in Waterloo, Iowa, at least once every six months. During this routine checkup, our hygienist will remove the tartar (dental calculus, made of hardened plaque) from your teeth using a metal tool. Then the hygienist will floss all of your teeth. A polishing compound and fluoride are then used. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay. When the cleaning is complete, our dentist will come in for the exam portion of the appointment. Dr. Carol Halloran will examine your gums and every tooth for signs of decay. Our dentist may also take X-rays to better examine your tooth roots and between your teeth. If any cavities or other issues are found, our dentist will discuss treatment options with you.

Basic dental care, including dental checkups, is important because it does the following things:

  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Prevents gum disease, which can cause tooth loss
  • Saves money. By preventing dental problems, you reduce the need for fillings and other dental procedures in the future.
  • Improves overall health
  • Makes it possible for your teeth to last a lifetime

We welcome you to contact Crossroads Dental today to learn more about dental cleanings and exams and to schedule an appointment with our dentist.